Thursday, December 3, 2009

Visas are in!

Leanna just called and the visas are in her hand. Yessss!
That was the last big thing to worry about.
Now if anything else happens, its just a regular travel glitch. If we forget something packing, we can always buy it over in Russia.
Our Friend Ray has volunteered to drive us to New Orleans tonight for our 7:50 flight out tomorrow morning. It will be a relief to have our bags in the car and our tickets in hand.
We've gotten lots fo responses already to our blog. I hope I can be creative and motivated enought o kepp the followers entertained and enthused. I hope I can share the feelings of excitement and uncertainty that we are feeling right now. Its such a grand adventure to step off into the unknown of travel and of opening a new exciting chapter of parenting.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Packing by the numbers
Three people (soon to be four)
three and a half weeks in a very cold place
all their clothes for said place, and dress clothes for court
ditto toiletries
entertainment for an inquisitive six year old
entertainment for easily bored fourty four year old
paper work for myriad reports to the authorities
cameras, computer, and accoutrements for technology to record the event
snacks for the thirty eight hour trip over
coffee and tea to supplant the seven dollar a cup brew the hotel offers
all this and more to fit into

three roller duffel bags......yeah right

It's midnight before this adventure lifts off. about one third of the way packed, still don't have our visas from the out of state Russian consulate. Yikes! The visa service assuses us they are on it. We will be waiting at the door for the delivery man tomorrow. Scheduled to head to New Orleans at six. Keep your fingers crossed.