Monday, December 21, 2009

It ain't over til its over.

It's Monday 730 AM. It has been touch and go for the last twenty hours or so. Last afternoon, Anya woke with a 102 fever, and was feeling terrible. We dosed her up with tylenol and called oksana. She started trying to get in touch with a doctor. Reaching them on Sunday in Russia is no easier than in the states.
We filled Anya up with liquids and tried to keep her comfortable. Eventually her fever came down some, and Oksana called back and still hadn't been called back. We were trying to figure out what to do if she was too sick to travel. 
After dinner, oksana called and said she had reached a doctor and they had prescribed some antibiotics and some decongestant. A driver came out and dropped us off the drugs, and we kept doctoring Anya as we packed our bags and hoped for the best.
She awoke this morning with a much reduced fever, and we are going to go for it, unless the doctor we see this morning says otherwise. then its off to the pass port office to get her pass port, then to the airport just in time for our flight.
It's just amazing how much of this is like wait, then hurry up, then wait some more, then hurry up again. It sort of reminds me of how some one once described sailing as "hours of absolute boredom interspersed with moments of intense activity."
Thats been us for the last several weeks. I've had a good time and a great adventure, but I won't miss the up and down stresses.
We are going now to breakfast to say goodbye to the many friends we have made over the last three weeks. Wish us luck today and tonight and we'll update as soon as possible.


  1. Hopefully you are on the plane for Moscow as I am writing this. Hopefully the tylenol and her fever will give her the calming you'll need to keep her comfy on the way to Moscow. I hope her ears will clear and not hurt. Godspeed to you guys- it is such a wonderful Christmas for you. John b. #3

  2. It is Sunday night here about 7:30 - just read your last post. Will be praying big time for Anya's health - and for the process to work smoothly! Hope and pray you can all stay healthy for the trip back home! Really look forward to reading "We are HOME!" Much love to all of you.

  3. Hope your trip went ok. How long do you have to stay there? I send all my love. I pray that things go smooth there. Can't wait to see all of you.

    Love ya,

  4. I love kids! If they can find a way to throw a wrench in the works, they will do it every time. I hope Anya is feeling much better now and that you are able to get on the plane with no more hassles. I sure hope you don't have to fly by way of London, either, as I hear that the weather is playing havoc over there, too.... Got my fingers crossed and am praying hard for you all!


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