Sunday, December 20, 2009


Yesterday was kind of a wash. Anya woke up congested, so our plans changed dramatically. We were going to go out souvenir shopping, and purchase last minutes items for the flight to Moscow, but instead stayed home trying to figure out what was up with Anya. No fever, just congestion, and it went away mostly when she got up and moved around. Probably just a cold. New surroundings, lots of kids and new people to be around probably did her in.

We talked to Oksana, and she picked up the necessities we asked for, and brought some sort of Russian herbal tea to help with her congestion. The rest of the day we just sat around the room and tried to entertain ourselves. Cameron borrowed some play doh from Colin and Jamie, so he was busy creating creatures all day.

Our biggest concern right now is managing Anya on the 9 hour flight to Moscow on Monday. Particularly with getting her to sleep on the plane. She does not like any one to touch her, let alone hold her, while she is going through her pre-sleep rocking ritual. Seems to just piss her off when we do. But on the plane she will be in our arms the whole time. I know, I know, you experienced mothers and fathers out there are already thinking to yourself, "just drug the little bugger, and she'll sleep like a baby."   WRONG. We tried that on a trial basis for the last two days, and all benedryl does is make her more restless and uncomfortable. Cameron was the same way. So we will just have to grit our teeth and try to push through. I'm thinking of just handing out money to all the people seated around us and tell them to either buy themselves a drink, or stuff it in their ears...

Today its been snowing off and on, but nothing like what I hear is happening in the states. There are fewer and fewer families here. Should be just two or three here over the christmas holiday. There was a new couple that just checked in today from Wisconsin making their first trip. They are both teachers, and no kids, so the holiday break worked well for them.

We are a little apprehensive about packing and traveling again. The last two weeks have been such a cocoon from the outside world. Now we have to go forth and conquer the travel world again, and that causes a little concern. I always freeak out the last couple of days of a trip anyway, because I project forward to what will be waiting for me when I get home. My neighbors and friends have been wonderful helping with our pets, and caring for our home, and my staff and partners are I'm sure managing the business just fine, but there is still in the pit of my stomach, some dread of what the "real world" holds for us when we return.

Anya is a great kid, and she completes the family for us, so we are blessed, and any challenges we are faced with will be managed, so I really will try to take it all in and ejoy the "now" as best as I can.

Here are Anya and Cameron watching the wiggles on Australian TV.

Another cute outfit!

Heres a couple of Cameron's creations.

The Front Desk, Manager, and waitress from the hotel staff. They are all wonderfully helpful and understanding of the adoptive parents and childrens needs.

Teodoro(Teddy) and Ivan came and had spaghetti with us for dinner last night. Cameron is the big brother to all the toddlers being adopted here. He has run of the place and feels very important.

Pile up on the couch!!

Its hard to say what the next few days will hold, or what sort of internet connectivity we will have. We are supposed to be staying at the Marriott downtown on Red Square in Moscow, so it should be nice. I now take nothing for granted anymore, and assume nothing either, so we'll play it by ear, and if I can get another post out before we leave here tomorrow, I will. Oksana says we will leave here at 9, go get Anyas passport, then go for a summary medical exam, then we are off to the airport. We are to depart at three fifty in the afternoon. An eight hour flight gets us into Moscow at six in the evening their time, then to our hotel and off to bed. At least that's how its drawn up in the play books...... Wish us luck!!

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  1. Good luck on the travels!! I know it is stressful for you because so much of it is out of your control, but just try to relax and see the humor and irony in the next few days. We can't wait to get you all back home with us.


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