Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dinner Party

Like I had said earlier, Jamie and Colin got their little one home yesterday. They changed his name from Anton to Jake. They have been very lucky. He slept in Jamie's arms the first day, and is calm and quiet most of the time. Bath time is when they all seem to get squirrely. Every one with their child seems to report that bath time frightens the child. Don't know why, but seems to be the same throughout.

Leanna was inspired today, and decided to whip up a chicken soup from scratch today. Cooking here is an adventure in itself. Starting with the trip to the supermarket. Imagine everything on the labels being in another language. Frequently packaging is different too. Milk comes in little square boxes. Leanna thought she was buying milk in a bottle once and we still have the quart of buttermilk in the fridge to remind us everything is not as it seems in Russia. Mayonnaise and other condiments come in foil squeeze packets with a nozzle on top. Things like butter vs margarine are indistinguishable, as are canned goods and cuts of meat, unless the label pictures are particularly well drawn. Baby food, thankfully, always has a picture of the food stuff on it.

Anyway, the food we buy is a bit of a guess, and we don't have a fully stocked kitchen with spices and what not. Leanna worked her magic though, and came up with a delicious soup for us. We had heard that Jamie and Colin had gotten Jake, so we invited them down for dinner and a toast with the champagne that we had been saving. They came down and we really enjoyed the evening. Jake and Anya got along really well. Jake is very calm and Anya is always wanting attention and to be the life of the party. (Sound like any couple you know???) We had a blast watching them play. After dinner and our toast, they just got to play with the few toys we have on the floor of the room.They left after a while and Anya went right to bed. Just a few moments of crying and rocking this time.

We got a post on the blog from Amy Monroe, who is a sister in law of one of my partners. Her family adopted a little girl from Russia a few years ago and says that the rocking at bed time is common and has persisted for her child for quite some time. It's good to have so many others who have experience to draw from. Thanks to all of you for your comments and observations.

Cameron has been very diligent in keeping Anya's food straight and sorted by type for us. I'm afraid he may have some of my freakish organizational tendencies in him....

Nap time. Must be really tired from keeping up with Cam...

Play time... Lots of smiles always...

Here is Jake. He has beautiful blond hair and grey-green eyes.

This is Jamie and Colin on the floor with Jake and Anya. They are a great couple. Definitely some that we would hang around with if they lived near by.

Here is Leanna joining in the fun. Jake looks like he has super power xray vision in this picture, but I think he is perfectly normal.

Cameron was so wired to have some new people around, he was jumping around the room like a spider monkey after three red bulls. Here he is on top of the fridge after bouncing all around the room without touching the floor. The demonic, possessed look in his eyes is all Cameron.

Tracy, one of my employees noted that there were very few pictures of me with Anya in here. I am doing the writing and picture taking for the most part. I guess I was voted trip historian. ( I must've been in the bathroom when THAT vote was held.) Anyway, I will request that some one take some pictures of me as well to document that I was in fact a part of this wonderful, adventurous, amazing journey.

More to come....


  1. Thanks for this latest chapter. As an aside, I have four cousins - by my mother's sister - bet you wanted to know that! - Well, they are all "birth" children - born in Atlanta - and they ALL rocked! They would sit on the sofa, on the floor, on the bed and rock like crazy - until they were teenagers (well, maybe not quite that long)! They are all extrememly intelligent and handsome/beautiful - maybe that's the matching ingredient! Look forward to seeing your handsome face - your wife and two fantastic kids will be a tough act to follow! Hope tomorrow is even better than today! Love to you all!

  2. I bet Cameron could make some pictures of Dad in the snow. Next time you go outside to play, you make the snow angel. We love all the pictures.
    Jake is a very cute boy. Where are his parents from? Thank them for allowing us to follow their journey too.
    Love you all.

  3. She looks so happy!!!!! I can't wait til we get to see ya'll. Sister, I am missing talking to you. The smile on your face makes me want to cry. She looks to be adapting well. I bring the blog up at work so I can show her off. Very proud Aunt I am. I can't wait to check out each day to see what you have posted. Sister, Mama would be so proud. She is looking down and sending all her love.


  4. I know for a fact you're a hugh part of this journey and I have enjoyed everything you have written and the pictures you have posted. It would be nice to see your handsome face though! I tear up with ever post, can't wait for y'all to come home.

    Oh I have several ladies here at work following along too and they feel like their a part of our family too. Do you think anyone would notice if I brought them to Cullman for the Bennett Christmas?

    Love always XOXOXO

  5. And a fine historian you are Mac!


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