Friday, December 18, 2009

Just a short one today.Oksana will be running me around alone today taking care of administrative duties like posting the official paper releasing Anya into our custody, applying for the passport., validating some of the official papers we brought with us from the  US. All sorts of international law mumbo jumbo. Anyway, I'll be out most of the day. Just about everything will be done though after this, then we wait over the weekend for the next flight out of here!!Its hard to believe its been about two weeks here. We have settled into a very livable arrangement here and made new friends and even discovered a new game. Speed Scrabble- any of you heard of it?? Jamie and Colin, our friends from Nashvillle, introduced us to it a couple of days ago. We'll explain it next time we see you. It's kind of half boggle, half scrabble, played with out a board. We showed them Kings on the Corner in exchange. Fair trade, if you ask me.

Cant get enough of that smile...

Me and Cam playing in the snow. I'm the one freezing my tail off on the left. We haven't seen 20 degrees since last Friday!

Finally! I DO exist....

Lounging on the couch...

This is what its all about.


  1. I love these pictures!!! It is so great to see you all having the time of your lives! Thanks for keeping us all in the loop on this priceless journey.

  2. I'm so happy for ya'll. I must be PMSing because I'm crying like a baby right now! :) I need some of grandmomma's med's.

    I love ya'll!

  3. Are you sure you haven't been living a double life? Maybe with some woman in Russia???? That little one looks so much like your birth child - hmmmmmm! But she is pretty, very pretty - like her mom! and like her big, HANDSOME brother! Seeing that snow makes me feel guilty about whining about the "cold" and rain here! Again, thanks for sharing this beautiful journey! Merry Christmas! Santa certainly can't top this gift!


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