Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Playing catch up

Yesterday, I finally succumbed to the cold I have been fighting for a few days. I felt like poo, so i didn't do much of anything. Which from this perspective, is really saying something, because even on a busy day, I don't do a whole hell of a lot around here. Remember Groundhog Day, starring Bill Murray? Its kind of like that around here. Wake up, look out the window, its still snowy, sunny and cold. Look around, its still the same room decorated in the mauve and blue color scheme of an 80's nightmare flashback. Go down the hall, see the same residents and the same employees. Go to the restaurant, the same food on the menu, go to the White rabbit, play darts with the same one red dart we have available, try to play pool with the duplicate balls- two one balls and two thirteen balls (is there a message there??). Everything is just a repeat of the several days we have already spent cooped up here in the Vlad Motor Inn.

Do I sound like I have case of cabin fever??

Guilty as charged.

The bright spots though, are Anya and her progress and the remarkable benefits of modern technology.Yesterday, I finally got Skype working again, and we were able to speak with a big chunk of our family from Culllman who had gathered at Grandad and Grandmama's house. We talked and showed off Anya to them and it made things much brighter and reminded us that we will eventually be back home and surrounded by all of you, our friends and family.

Anya's progress is likewise remarkable. Mainly in the sleeping and bonding department. I have been the one putting her down for her naps and night time rests usually, because Cameron can't stand to hear her cry, so he wants momma to take him to the white rabbit then so he doesn't have to listen. At first, she would cry and rock for an hour, then fifteen minutes, and last night, it was only about three minutes before she plugged in her two first fingers on her left hand , started sucking, and nosedived for the pillows. She is also enjoying our hugs and kisses much more, and today was a couple of big milestones. She actually let Leanna cradle her in her arms while she fed her a sippy cup, and also Anya cried when she set her down. These are important, because even though it seems like she is regressing somewhat in her development and independence, those of you not in the know with adoptive kids, this is very important building blocks in the bonding process. We must revisit theses things which would normally occur in the first few months of child rearing to establish the care giver bonds that are necessary for further future development. Enough of the child development lesson, how about some pictures???

Here is Anya sleeping yesterday, she fell asleep with both feet dangling out of the crib and stayed that way for almost an hour.

These are just some of her playing. She loves to smile and laugh. Such a joy to see!

Cameron has been playing with her too, as only a six year old big brother can. Strengthening her core muscles!

He has also been very inventive without his toys around. Here he is "tran-kill-izing" animals with his corkscrew gun to fly back to the zoo. The next Steve Irwin.

This little fella is Ivan, the new son of Teddy and Jason (their real names are something we can't pronounce). They are a couple from Bulgaria, emigrated to the US and living on the west coast. They have had Ivan about as long as we have Anya, so it is good for us to compare notes and progress.

Now for a little Momma time on the bed. Much joy and love to share...

OK. Momma finally wants to read all that I have written, and your responses. I will sign out for now and may add more later.

Love to you all.....


  1. So glad for another good day for you - I know I am preaching to the choir - as one adoptive parent to another - the crap with the blue and mauve and "Beau-ring" days are your "pregnant" days - swollen feet, throwing up breakfast, the whole smo - just from the adoptive angle - every bit of it worth it if it means you get your child. I am so very glad - as I know you are - that Cameron is there to be a part of all of this. You will be so glad for this blog one day - how I wish we had journaled during our adoption journey to Tom and Tim. Once again, don't blink - they grow up oh so fast! Timmy graduated from college this past Saturday - seems like just yesterday we were complaining about the wait and all the B.S. - What memories - great memories - you are building! Thanks again for sharing! Love to you all - How Blessed Anya is to have you and to have that handsome, great Big Brother!

  2. I can't wait until Friday, I get to see y'all. I'll be at granddad's and grandmomma's and they said that they would hook up then. I'm so ready for then, I love your stories and can't wait for more... Love to all of you.

  3. Hi again!
    Our daughter has been home for 21 months and still rocks and sucks her thumb. The rocking seems to be something that she really enjoys. I have tried and tried to get her to stop. Of course, it is mild comared to when we first got her. She used to rock in about 7 different positions (while staring at us) before she fell asleep. It slowly got less and less. Now she seems to do most of her rocking while she is singing in her crib. It does a number on her hair.
    It sounds like everything is going beautifully. How nice to have other couples around to talk to.
    How much longer before you head to Moscow?
    Take Care,
    Amy Monroe
    I would love to get our girls together next time we visit Holly and Shaun. Probably summer.

  4.'s finally real! It's so precious to see Cameron playing with her. I knew he would be the best big brother ever. Tell him Aunt Tracy said he rocks! Leanna, I have always said that there is nothing more beautiful than the glow a woman when she is with child. I may have changed my are beautiful and positively glowing just looking at Anya! Mac Daddy, we need more pics of you with the little one. It's amazing how resilient children are and I'm thankful that she is bonding with all of you so quickly. Good times. Love you guys--


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